The truth about the Apeks Tungsten Regulator Range Revealed

The XTX just got better when it became the Tungsten. Customers in my shop admire the Reg, we polish the fingerprints off the display model on a nearly daily basis. It is indeed well admired. But admired only, we sell very few. The admiring diver usually says things like "it's really nice, but I can't really justify the extra cost." or "if her indoors finds out I've lashed out on that I'll be deader than corduroy."

Well Sam has some shocking news for you boys. Lean forward, listen carefully and don't tell anyone else - the XTX Tungsten Set is actually cheaper than the XTX 200 Stage 3 set. Yes I did say cheaper. The top of the range XTX200 set comes as  stage 3 in the box with an XTX50 Octo and costs £643.95... the Tungsten as a Stage 3 set coupled with an XTX40 Octo will set you back (lean closer) .... £608.63. Now you didn't see that coming did you. AND if you are not too bothered about 2 HP ports, take the Tungsten on a DS4 with an XTX40 Octo and the set will cost you £541.49.  So if you are in the market for a new reg, don't rule out the Tungsten.  It's unique PVD durable coating gives it the distinctive look, and it can be yours for less than the XTX200 - so go on stand out - be different - dive Apeks Tungsten.  And remember - don't tell anyone the Tungsten could be the cheaper option

When it comes to Length Apeks have it covered


As any girl will tell you it's all about the length, and this fact has been fully recognised by Apeks.

I am of course talking about hoses. Off the peg there are all the standard sizes you usually need, but as an added bonus you can get a custom length with either 3/8" or 1/2" fitting, in flexi or rubber. Apeks also have it covered when it comes to sidemount set ups as well with short high pressure and inflator hoses as well. Although these do all come in the very neatly packaged sidemount set along with some XTX50's, the hoses are all available as individual items.

The Apeks Flexi hoses are also made in house by Apeks in Blackburn, and last year they added to the low pressure range high pressure hoses which are available again either individually or as an option on their consoles. The flexi hoses are not only lightweight and highly flexible but they are also extremely durable. The hose outer has a safety braiding to help the hose resist snagging and abrasion, and very a very reassuring feature is the fact that the burst pressure of these hoses is more than twice that of most traditional hoses.

So there we have it a hose for all set ups, all lengths, flexi or rubber. The choice is all yours.

Apeks Black Ice

Apeks are well know for their WTX range of wings and harnesses, and now they have finally brought out the Black Ice, a more conventional wing style BCD.

So what's it got then.

Heavy duty and hard wearing are going to be phases you will hear a lot when people talk about the Black Ice, this is one seriously durable peice of diving kit, which is exactly what you would expect from Apeks.

Once we got hold of this and had a play the first comments were "it's really comfortable." Which is true, there are three waist band positons, the harness is particularly well padded, and the harness design allows the cylinder to come in close to the divers body. This is particulary important as it means you can stand up straight and not adopt "divers stoop" when you are not in the water.

The jacket also uses the surelock weight system as well, when the pockets are properly engaged there is a reassuring loud click to tell you it's in correctly. For anyone who has ever lost a weight pocket (like me) you'll know that this is handy feature.

There are loads of extra features as well - low profile exhaust valves, 5 stainless D rings, fold down pockets to give you that extra space you need, and knife attachment points. 

And yes, before you ask, it will take twin cylinders and a twinning kit is available for the jacket.

Price is important of course and this jacket comes in at under £500, and given that it is just a feature loaded bit of kit we think the price seems about right.



4th Element Road Show

We are really excited about 2013. New opportunities, great new products, new customers and more fun. Last year we took our shop to a number of clubs, had a great time, met some fantastic people and we are extending this in 2013 with a 4th Element Road Show."

The Dive Show in London is only 14 weeks away, on the 23rd and 24th of March. But it's a long way to go to get Dive Show prices, especially for clubs in the North. So as an alternative book us. We will come to your club night bring some of the latest kit the industry has to offer, if it's your pool night as well we can bring demo kit for you to trial yourselves. We'll have loads of Oceanic, Typhoon and Apeks Kit for you to drool over, and the new XTX shiny range for your delight. Clubs in the North only please. We can't bring everything with us that we take to the show, but we'll bring a good range of kit.

It's no pressure. Sales are not the key motivation, we are just looking for an opportunity to get out there, meet the divers, and show you who we are what we do.

As a thank you, and to keep things interesting, we always pick a few dive essentials and we'll offer trade deals on these - masks, gloves stuff you know you need. And there will be a little something to raffle off for club funds as well.

And of course there is usually a box of mugs somewhere in the van.

So ..... in the words of the A TEAM.

"A crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team - or failing that if it's a set of regs you need and the situation is not too scary (I'm a girl and I do don't drama) then you can hire ME! "

Sam's Email - - if you can find me !!



Just Apeks Goes Gangnam Just for Laughs

 We thought we would end the year on a high. We had so much fun making this video, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


Click the link below


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Diver Charity Calender


Quest Diving Charters (Anglesey) began earlier this year, the production of a 2013 calendar, for the purpose of raising money for the charity Sands. The calendar is now finished and will be available to buy at many dive shops and centres in the coming weeks. It has been sponsored by all the Big industry names, Apeks, Scubapro, Suunto to name but a few.

The calendar has kindly been sponsored to cover printing costs and all other services were provided free, so 100% of what you pay (suggested minimum donation £5) goes straight to charity. We do feel that these would make the perfect gift for your mum or gran....

I will ship for free, so 100% of the money goes to charity, and we will also cover all the transaction charges as well. So if you purchase one for £5, then the charity SANDS gets £5, and you get an ace calender.

The suggested minimim donation is £5, but if you are feel you want to donate more then we have included extra payment options below, so you can pay up to £10 for one.

Sands Charity - (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society) use your donation to support those affected by the loss of a baby and to promote reseach aimed at saving babies lives. A charity close to my heart, my son Jules would have been 12 now, however sadly he died when he was only a few weeks old. So because I strongly believe that no parent should have to bury their children, and for Jules, get your money out and buy this - NOW.

Click the link below to buy one

Divernet Awards - And a chance to win a holiday worth £7000

Just Apeks is an on line store that tries very hard to be different. Apeks is a great brand, and hopefully, with our site, it all just got a little bit better. We have got right behind one brand, the best brand as far as we are concerned. And we can support it, stock 90% of the range in store for immediate despatch, keep a wide range of spares and accessories in stock and back it all up with excellent serivicing and advice.

There is an award in the Diver Awards for newcomer and we would love to come up as a runner up for this award. If you've enjoyed our customer service and if you like what we do we would really appreciate your vote.


EN250A - What's that all about!!

 The new range of Apeks regs are the first to comply with the new EN250A standard. In the olden days of EN250 the primary had to be tested to a standard of being able to work at 30 metres in temperatures down to 10 degrees.

The new standard recognises the fact that the alternative air source should work to the same performance levels as the primary, and so the standard is applied to them as well - 30 metres and temps down to 10 degrees.

And right across the Apeks XTX range the new standard is met. Another improvement now is that the regulators come assembled in the box which is nice. Previously the Octopus and the hose were separate items in the box. So this also makes them a little more final user friendly.

However Apeks also felt that the standard was not sufficient for thier cold water rated regs and felt that they should apply a test of 50metres and down to 3 degrees, and, although this is a volunary standard, this is what Apeks have applied. So you can rest assured that the Octo will be working to the same standards as the primary.

So if you are in the market for some new regs from the outstanding Apeks range, whereever you are buying them from make sure you are getting the new versions of the regs and not the old ones. We will have new pictures up as soon as we can get them of the full new range.



The New XTX200 - or is it???


We saw the new XTX200 for the first time at the Dive Show in London, and a very nice piece of kit it looks as well. But is this just a new front cover? A revamp of the old 200? Or are we in for a real treat and is this something entirely new?

I've been lucky enough this year to attend DEMA in Las Vegas and I headed straight over the Apeks/ Aqualung stand to have a chat with the guys about the new reg.

The display with all the new regulators on looked great. A fantastic new reg, and out just in time for Christmas (how handy).

The entire range of XTX regulators have undergone a refresh. There are new cosmetics coupled with great new features which will continue to make Apeks the brand most chosen by serious divers.

In addition to a great new look there is a 5th port option which is now available for every model in the range, plus the XTX200 and XTX100 first stages comes with the bonus of an integrated heat exchanger on the first stages.

Braided hoses as standard have been added, which is nice as these are more flexible and lightweight.

Apeks have for quite a while used an anti-bacterial additive in their mouthpieces, and they have extended this to most of the second stage components providing added protection against bacteria.

The purge buttons are now larger as well making them easier to operate. A 2 stage purge is also used. Press the purge on the side for a lower flow rate, useful where more control is needed such as when filling lifting bags etc, then press the centre for the full effect of the urge.

Also a new larger venturi has been added which a soft touch rubber grip which makes it easier to locate and use.

The new regs will be available in a few weeks in the UK, but you can pre order them on our website if you like

ATX40 - Best Buy Reg


Apeks ATX40 - Best Buy Reg.

Why ? Cos it just is!!!!  And for around £200 it's top value as well.

For the best prices check out

In simple straight forward terms you are not worthy! This reg (well maybe not this actual one - but maybe it's siblings, parents or grandparents) has been places in the diving world that most of us can only dream about. In regulator terms we are talking "Veni, vidi, vici," - As Julius Cesear would say - "been there, seen it, dived it!"

I heartily recommend this reg set for the newcomer to diving. It's cold water rated, and let's not beat about the bush if you are diving in the UK you need cold water rated and if anyone tries to sell you anything else I would have to say I disagree with them. You never know when temperatures are going to dip with depth, and indeed you never exactly know the water temperatures before you go diving, so always best be on the safe side and buy cold water rated kit from the start.

I certainly recommend this kit for clubs and schools. As one of my customers recently said he'd watched the club ATX40's being dragged through a car park week after week, had seen them lovingly stored under the weight belts and yet they continued to outperform his jet streams. It's good kit, it takes the knocks - pretty it is not - but when you are in a cold dark place and want a constant reliable stream of air, pretty we don't really care about. Apeks don't do pretty they've left that to the Italians.

Twin sets - of course - the DS4 (first stage) is perfecto here and you only have to wander round the car parks at dive sites to see it reign supreme atop numerous twin sets. So if you are starting out the ATX40 can adapt as your diving does, remove it's octo, buy it a friend and hey ho all you need are some twin 12's !!! 

So all in all great value, a great Reg and it's Apeks. I shall end on that note