Apeks Black Ice

Apeks are well know for their WTX range of wings and harnesses, and now they have finally brought out the Black Ice, a more conventional wing style BCD.

So what's it got then.

Heavy duty and hard wearing are going to be phases you will hear a lot when people talk about the Black Ice, this is one seriously durable peice of diving kit, which is exactly what you would expect from Apeks.

Once we got hold of this and had a play the first comments were "it's really comfortable." Which is true, there are three waist band positons, the harness is particularly well padded, and the harness design allows the cylinder to come in close to the divers body. This is particulary important as it means you can stand up straight and not adopt "divers stoop" when you are not in the water.

The jacket also uses the surelock weight system as well, when the pockets are properly engaged there is a reassuring loud click to tell you it's in correctly. For anyone who has ever lost a weight pocket (like me) you'll know that this is handy feature.

There are loads of extra features as well - low profile exhaust valves, 5 stainless D rings, fold down pockets to give you that extra space you need, and knife attachment points. 

And yes, before you ask, it will take twin cylinders and a twinning kit is available for the jacket.

Price is important of course and this jacket comes in at under £500, and given that it is just a feature loaded bit of kit we think the price seems about right.



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