EN250A - What's that all about!!

 The new range of Apeks regs are the first to comply with the new EN250A standard. In the olden days of EN250 the primary had to be tested to a standard of being able to work at 30 metres in temperatures down to 10 degrees.

The new standard recognises the fact that the alternative air source should work to the same performance levels as the primary, and so the standard is applied to them as well - 30 metres and temps down to 10 degrees.

And right across the Apeks XTX range the new standard is met. Another improvement now is that the regulators come assembled in the box which is nice. Previously the Octopus and the hose were separate items in the box. So this also makes them a little more final user friendly.

However Apeks also felt that the standard was not sufficient for thier cold water rated regs and felt that they should apply a test of 50metres and down to 3 degrees, and, although this is a volunary standard, this is what Apeks have applied. So you can rest assured that the Octo will be working to the same standards as the primary.

So if you are in the market for some new regs from the outstanding Apeks range, whereever you are buying them from make sure you are getting the new versions of the regs and not the old ones. We will have new pictures up as soon as we can get them of the full new range.



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