The truth about the Apeks Tungsten Regulator Range Revealed

The XTX just got better when it became the Tungsten. Customers in my shop admire the Reg, we polish the fingerprints off the display model on a nearly daily basis. It is indeed well admired. But admired only, we sell very few. The admiring diver usually says things like "it's really nice, but I can't really justify the extra cost." or "if her indoors finds out I've lashed out on that I'll be deader than corduroy."

Well Sam has some shocking news for you boys. Lean forward, listen carefully and don't tell anyone else - the XTX Tungsten Set is actually cheaper than the XTX 200 Stage 3 set. Yes I did say cheaper. The top of the range XTX200 set comes as  stage 3 in the box with an XTX50 Octo and costs £643.95... the Tungsten as a Stage 3 set coupled with an XTX40 Octo will set you back (lean closer) .... £608.63. Now you didn't see that coming did you. AND if you are not too bothered about 2 HP ports, take the Tungsten on a DS4 with an XTX40 Octo and the set will cost you £541.49.  So if you are in the market for a new reg, don't rule out the Tungsten.  It's unique PVD durable coating gives it the distinctive look, and it can be yours for less than the XTX200 - so go on stand out - be different - dive Apeks Tungsten.  And remember - don't tell anyone the Tungsten could be the cheaper option

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