Diver Charity Calender


Quest Diving Charters (Anglesey) began earlier this year, the production of a 2013 calendar, for the purpose of raising money for the charity Sands. The calendar is now finished and will be available to buy at many dive shops and centres in the coming weeks. It has been sponsored by all the Big industry names, Apeks, Scubapro, Suunto to name but a few.

The calendar has kindly been sponsored to cover printing costs and all other services were provided free, so 100% of what you pay (suggested minimum donation £5) goes straight to charity. We do feel that these would make the perfect gift for your mum or gran....

I will ship for free, so 100% of the money goes to charity, and we will also cover all the transaction charges as well. So if you purchase one for £5, then the charity SANDS gets £5, and you get an ace calender.

The suggested minimim donation is £5, but if you are feel you want to donate more then we have included extra payment options below, so you can pay up to £10 for one.

Sands Charity - (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society) use your donation to support those affected by the loss of a baby and to promote reseach aimed at saving babies lives. A charity close to my heart, my son Jules would have been 12 now, however sadly he died when he was only a few weeks old. So because I strongly believe that no parent should have to bury their children, and for Jules, get your money out and buy this - NOW.

Click the link below to buy one


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