When it comes to Length Apeks have it covered


As any girl will tell you it's all about the length, and this fact has been fully recognised by Apeks.

I am of course talking about hoses. Off the peg there are all the standard sizes you usually need, but as an added bonus you can get a custom length with either 3/8" or 1/2" fitting, in flexi or rubber. Apeks also have it covered when it comes to sidemount set ups as well with short high pressure and inflator hoses as well. Although these do all come in the very neatly packaged sidemount set along with some XTX50's, the hoses are all available as individual items.

The Apeks Flexi hoses are also made in house by Apeks in Blackburn, and last year they added to the low pressure range high pressure hoses which are available again either individually or as an option on their consoles. The flexi hoses are not only lightweight and highly flexible but they are also extremely durable. The hose outer has a safety braiding to help the hose resist snagging and abrasion, and very a very reassuring feature is the fact that the burst pressure of these hoses is more than twice that of most traditional hoses.

So there we have it a hose for all set ups, all lengths, flexi or rubber. The choice is all yours.

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