The New XTX200 - or is it???


We saw the new XTX200 for the first time at the Dive Show in London, and a very nice piece of kit it looks as well. But is this just a new front cover? A revamp of the old 200? Or are we in for a real treat and is this something entirely new?

I've been lucky enough this year to attend DEMA in Las Vegas and I headed straight over the Apeks/ Aqualung stand to have a chat with the guys about the new reg.

The display with all the new regulators on looked great. A fantastic new reg, and out just in time for Christmas (how handy).

The entire range of XTX regulators have undergone a refresh. There are new cosmetics coupled with great new features which will continue to make Apeks the brand most chosen by serious divers.

In addition to a great new look there is a 5th port option which is now available for every model in the range, plus the XTX200 and XTX100 first stages comes with the bonus of an integrated heat exchanger on the first stages.

Braided hoses as standard have been added, which is nice as these are more flexible and lightweight.

Apeks have for quite a while used an anti-bacterial additive in their mouthpieces, and they have extended this to most of the second stage components providing added protection against bacteria.

The purge buttons are now larger as well making them easier to operate. A 2 stage purge is also used. Press the purge on the side for a lower flow rate, useful where more control is needed such as when filling lifting bags etc, then press the centre for the full effect of the urge.

Also a new larger venturi has been added which a soft touch rubber grip which makes it easier to locate and use.

The new regs will be available in a few weeks in the UK, but you can pre order them on our website if you like

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