Spares / Accessories

A range of Apeks spares and accessories - if you cannot find what you need please call us and we will try our best to help.

View all apeks 15m spool Apeks 200 metre dive watch apeks 30m reel apeks 30m spool apeks 5th port kit apeks 90 degree fixed elbow apeks 90 elbow apeks ap0702 apeks blaking plugs apeks blanking plugs apeks blanks apeks bungee cord necklace apeks comfi bite moouthpeice apeks comfi bite mouthpiece apeks comfo mounthpiece apeks comfo mouthpiece apeks comfy apeks cuff dump apeks cuff dump ap0165 apeks din conversion kit apeks din converter apeks din kit apeks Dive Watch apeks dive watch strap apeks divers watch ap0406 apeks diving watch apeks drybag apeks drysuit apeks drysuit dump valve apeks drysuit exhause valve apeks drysuit exhaust valve apeks drysuit inflator apeks dump valve apeks dust cap apeks elbow apeks fifth port kit apeks freeflow apeks freeflow control device apeks half inch blanking plug apeks handwheel apeks lip shield apeks lip shield kit apeks low profile dump valve apeks low profile exhaust valve apeks mouthpeice apeks mouthpiece APEKS over pressure relief valve apeks pressure valve apeks reel apeks regulator bag apeks regulator mouthpiece yellow apeks regulators mouthpiece apeks service kits apeks short exhaust tee apeks shorts apeks spool apeks suit dump apeks suit inflation valve apeks suit valve apeks suit valves apeks tech shorts apeks valve apeks watch strap apeks wide exhaust tee apeks xtx100 apeks xtx200 apex reel apex spool apexs blaking plugs apexs blanking plugs dive watch dst and fifth port kit freeflow control valve octo gaurd octo ready regulator dust cap regulator mouthpeice regulator mouthpiece regulator necklace spools suit inflator