Starlight LED 160 Lumen Mask Torch

Beaver Starlight Mask Torch

The Beaver Starlight Torch is a great way to add extra visibility underwater without having to carry a torch in your hands. The Starlight cleverly attaches to your mask, leaving your hands free to concentrate on more important tasks. The ultra compact and lightweight torch weighs only 39 grams and measuring 10cm in length. The starlight is housed in a durable aluminium case to give you confidence dive after dive.

The Starlight features a clever mask attachment clip which easily attaches to most mask straps and stays in place well to give you the confidence that you won’t be constantly adjusting it. The LED torch gives out a 13 degree beam with 160 Lumens of light which makes it perfect for checking gauges or computers. The Starlight is powered by a single ‘AAA’ battery cell and has an outstanding burn time of up to 8 hours, perfect for those longer dives. For comfort the torch has a strong wrist lanyard which offers a great alternative to attaching the torch to your mask.