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Beaver Aquasnip Shears are useful tool for cutting line of a moderate thickness and any netting that you may encounter on your dives.


Beaver Aquasnip Shearsare the ideal choice for divers looking to cut moderately thick line and net. Diving shears can offer much quicker cutting of bulk material than a knife and as such are a useful tool should you need to cut through a large amount of netting. Made from 420 grade stainless steel Beaver Aquasnips are extremely tough, salt water resistant and have a good edge holding ability. Aquasnips can also be used in other water based activities that may require the cutting or clearing of line and net. Beaver Aquasnip Shears come in a neat nylon webbing pouch that is easy to attach to harness webbing or clip to a spare d-ring, the velcro closure ensures that the snips remain secure but easily accessible.