Apeks Regulator Servicing for Dive Clubs

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£109.00 £125.00


We offer a reduced rate on servicing for Dive Clubs. The price is £79 a set and that includes return carraige. We can arrange collection as well for all of the regulators with Fedex at a cost of £20 per 10kg box. This offer is for Dive Club Regs only and when we receive 6 plus sets for service at a time 

The price includes first and second stage service kits and labour and VAT and return carriage. 

We will NEVER charge you for additional items before contacting you - so if new hoses/bodies etc. are needed we will let you know the prices in advance so no nasty shocks.

If you are interested and want to discuss this a bit more - please call us on 01642 601616.

You can buy the servicing on-line or book in over the phone. Just add on the number of sets on you want servicing.