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Akona Snorkel Bag - LARGE SIZE
This bag measures 28" in length and 10" wide.
Snorkel Bags just got turned upside down!
These new Snorkel Bags from AKONA are more functional than ever! We have literally turned these bags upside down.
In previous models, the blade portion of the fin needed to be inserted into a smaller section of the bag. NO LONGER.
We have turned the bag upside down and now the fin foot pocket is inserted into a larger opening in the bag.
A much better design. Also, the mask box is now a functional part of the bag as opposed to some bolt-on box on the outside.
There is also a zippered pocket specifically for a snorkel and your towel. 
These new designs also combine new cosmetics that make them very bold and stand out among the masses!
The new design is ready to go snorkeling!
Three separate compartments for Fins, Mask, and Snorkel
Snorkel compartment comes with room to carry other accessories like wallet, keys, and towel.
The exterior dimensions are 29 x 10.5 x 7 inches
Main capacity 1599 cu. in.

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