Which Apeks Regs Should I buy?


I’ve sold 1000’s of sets of Apeks regulators to people, I’m not exaggerating either when I say 1000’s. We have sold this year alone a staggering 500 sets of Apeks regulators. So we have quite a bit of experience in matching the right regulators in the range to the right people. It’s just knowing which questions to ask, and in which order to ask them.

This is not meant to be a definitive guide, there are loads of features on the regs which we don’t cover here. This guide just points you in the direction you need to go and then you can soak up as much technical blurb as you like from our website. This is very much a KISS guide.

So here we go – take the test and see where you end up.

  1. Will you be diving in cold water?  (if yes continue to next question)

If you are a “No” – Well then have a look at the Apeks Flight range of regs. The design brief was to come up with the lightest set of travel regulators in the world. If you ever get the chance to pick a set up you will have to agree that they won’t do a lot of damage to your baggage allowance. They are good for diving in waters above 10 degrees, have lightweight flexi hoses, and you can even add a console which has the flexi hose as well. Colour choices are Pewter (that’s grey to you and me), Twilight (purple), and Green. The Twilight and Green colours are discounted so that’s where the bargains currently are.


  1. Are you on a tight budget? (if no continue to next question)

If you are on a budget and perhaps you have lots of other kit to buy, often the case for new divers then the ATX40 is the set to consider. This set is cold water rated, it’s a “does what is says on the tin” kinda set, not a great looker if I’m honest, but takes everything you will ever throw at it, even if that is your weight belt. I’ve used this set in my Dive School for years and they just “work”. I’ve also sold loads of these to people who have later upgraded to XTX50’s and XTX200’s who have confided that they really didn’t notice any difference in the breathe on their new regs compared with the trusty old ATX40. However be aware that whilst it has enough low pressure ports for all your needs it only comes with one HP port. So if you are going to go down the air integrated computer route then this set isn’t going to work for you. However if you need to get a set of regs with a console for less than £299 then this is a good starting point. In addition the ATX40 has a fairly good resale value, so if you want to upgrade in a year or two you’ll find you can still get around £150 back if they are still in good condition, a claim which can’t be made for a lot of other budget regs.


  1. Do you just want the best money can buy? (if no continue to the next question)

A lot of divers just want to buy a reg that they simply won’t out dive. They see the reg purchase as the most import kit acquisition and they want the best piece of life support kit they can get. The current flag ship reg offered by Apeks is the XTX200 set, which comes with either the XTX40 or XTX50 Octopus. The set is powered by the FSR first stage which has that extra HP port you’ll need for an air integrated computer and angled ports for superior hose routing. There are variants, the Tungsten set is exactly the same apart from it has a PVD coating to make it more durable and hard wearing, some people also prefer it’s less “blingy looks” – price wise it’s around the same kind of money as it comes with an XTX40 Octo as Standard. We will make up sets with XTX50’s if you are looking for that little bit extra in terms of the perfect set.


  1. Well then it’s going to be the XTX40 or the XTX50 Set for you.

There is obviously a slight price difference here depending on whether you go for the 50 or the 40. Both are powered by the DST first stage (dry sealed turret) and this has a swivel part which just makes life a bit easier as the top of the first stage moves with the hoses. I hear this line a lot – “I’ve read on the forum’s that this is a an extra failure point and that the swivel starts to leak.” We also service an awful lot of Apeks regs, and if they are maintained then this isn’t an issue. You also get that extra handy HP port for your air transmitter as well. So the next question is XTX40 or XTX50, and it’s all down to twiddly bits. The XTX40 wins out with a lot of customers who just want a straightforward reg, it does not come with the ability to adjust the inhalation and venture controls. Some people like this, some don’t. As I said earlier we service a LOT of Apeks regs, and a regular comment from the guys is that the XTX50 adjuster is usually stuck because it’s never been used. That said it’s there if you want it and many divers do indeed swear by it. So now you know which primary you want, and the question is very much the same of the Octo – do you want the adjuster on an Octo – if you do then get the XTX50 set with the XTX50 Octo. If not then go straight for the XTX40 no nonsense version and also save a few quid.


And basically – it’s that simple. However if you have more questions, and I’m sure you do, you can email me at fourthelement@hotmail.com or text/phone me on 07808170357. If it’s prices and deals you are after I’m always willing to work out a package. Thanks for reading. Sam xxx