Chammyz - Baggy Scuba Dive Boat Shorts RRP £45 MEDIUM and LARGE

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The feel and comfort you'll experience wearing a Chammyz garment is unique. The material is incredibly soft and ultra absorbent yet it wicks away moisture so effectively. Whether you visualise yourself in Chammyz after sports activities or simply for casual wear we guarantee that your Chammyz garment will fast become one of your wardrobe favourites.


  • Moisture Wicking: Absorbs and Evaporates
  • Fabric Dries Quickly: Keeps you dry
  • Breathable: Chammyz is manufactured from fibres, which allow your body to breathe.
  • Recyclable: Our fabric is 100% all natural and environmentally friendly. by utilizing wood fibre waste.
  • UV Protectant: UVA and UVB-government rating of 50+
  • Heat Insulator: Wood fibres act as a natural insulator so you get the warmth without all the layers.
  • Comfortable in warm weather as they are in cool.

The Ultimate after sports clothing specially designed for divers, kayakers & other water sports addicts to slip into to dry, relax and warm. Manufactured from a unique material that allows the body to breathe in warm temperatures, wicking away moisture 10 time more effectively than cotton and providing superior warmth without body chill in cooler conditions. Never before have you experienced such a feeling of comfort next to your skin.

Unlike cotton, which tends to retain moisture and become saturated, CHAMMYZ performance properties prevent moisture retention by using a "natural" evaporation process. CHAMMYZ actually aids the body's natural process of removing perspiration & moisture. Chammyz is an "All Natural Fabric",  made from viscose fibres mainly supplied by discards from paper mills, bark, roots etc.