Apeks Mugs

 Hi - My web site is www.apeks-online.co.uk and we had some "Keep Calm and Dive Apeks" Mugs made up to give away with orders over £20.

I was really proud of these, they say it all really Buy British and Dive a Great Brand. What self respecting Apeks diver wouldn't want one of these on his desk at work??? Or hanging from his kitchen mug tree (if people still have mug trees), or in his garage to drink a brew of white with two while he tinkers with his dive kit.

Well it transpires that there is a certain level of unhappiness amongst other Dive Centres with this promotion so I've had to pull the offer from my YD Banner and I'm stuck with a huge pile of Mugs. Now a girl only needs so many mugs in her life, even given the number of washing up disasters that I can have, so I thought I'd give them away to you lot. BUT, they must go to loving homes. I don't want my beautiful mugs to have to spend their lives surrounded by Scubapro, Mares or Cressi kit that simply wouldn't be right. So if you email me direct and tell me why you LOVE Apeks I'll send you one of my little mugs to look after.

It's a first come first served deal, so when I've got enough homes they're gone. So send me an email and tell me why you love Apeks and you might be getting one of lovely mugs in the post to jolly up your desk.

So come on Give A MUG a Home - and if you want to have a look at my website at the same time please don't let me stop you.

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