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£549.00 £699.00
Size:  Medium Broad size 9 Boots



Product description Typhoon Seamaster

Revised from the original Seamaster to offer the ultimate value for money, the new Seamaster II are ideal for those looking to dive on a budget. Constructed from a titanium lined, 5mm dive grade neoprene using a glued and blind stitched construction, the suits also have the added security of internal taping on the seams and external taping on the boots.The cut has been improved to make them more comfortable and there is added reinforcement on the knees and shoulders.


- 5mm Neoprene
- Brass back zip
- Neoprene neck seal
- Neoprene wrist seals
- Warm neck collar
- Apeks valves and hose
- Glued and blind stitched construction
- Internal tape
- Knee and shoulder reinforcing
- 5mm Thermic boots
- Duffle bag