Seacsub 3D Bcd - Size XL to Clear

seac sub

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The breathing bag in 3DSEAC's new 3D jacket features an innovative breathing bag with a Parties shape that not only enables it to have greater buoyancy force in ratio to its size, but is also completely free of the back plate, thereby noticeably reducing the «sail effect». Other features include the Frameto-Back system with «Soft Comfort» reverse-stitched shoulder straps, light weight due to the jacket structure and the careful selection of the materials used, as well as the super-comfortable anatomic backplate cover made in draining «Airnet» material HV points of contact. Material outer bladder: PU coated 420 D Nylon • Material inner bladder: PU coated 420 D Nylon • Dump valves: 3 with pull command •