Fourth Element Fin Sock Size XL

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The Fourth Element Finsocks are a comfortable sock liner for either full foot fins, neoprene boots or even under a drysuit undersuit. Performance fabric and simple design minimise chafing and virtually eliminate the risk of developing sores or blisters through friction.
Fin socks aid donning a wetsuit by providing a low friction surface enabling feet to slide through the legs of a wetsuit. These socks will also help you to walk across sharp or uncomfortable terrain without the need for waterproof shoes.
Finsocks keep your feet warmer by using Fourth Elements Thermocline material which acts similarly to a 2/3mm wetsuit by trapping a layer of warm water next to the skin.
They are also ideal for children and young adults whose feet are still growing as they can help a pair of fins which are a little too large fit better and last longer.