Typhoon CNK Tech Drysuit Small Size 7 Boots


£229.00 £639.00


Originally introduced as a concept more than 30 years ago the bib entry suit was designed by BSAC founder Oscar Gugen, it offers both the easiest entry and most comfort of any Drysuit we have ever dived with. This is the suit that Armed Forces worldwide choose to dive in! The CNK Tech is constructed from tried and tested texturised tri-laminate polyester. Internal seams are hand rubber double taped and it also has external reinforcing on the knees.

Features: - Bib Entry System - Latex neck & wrist seals - Neoprene Wrist seals - Warm neck collar - Brass back zip - Back Zip Cover - Swivelling Apeks Inflation Valve - Apeks Automatic Dump Valve -  - Hand applied Double Internal Taping - Kevlar Knee Pads - Neoprene boots - Braces - 3 Year Warranty. This is the suit only, and does not include a suit bag or hose.