Apeks Flight Stage 4 Set Twilight


£540.00 £750.00


 Everything you need in one handy travel package. Apeks Flight first, Second & Octopus Plus a Double console complete with hoses. 

Flight has been designed primarily for the travel diver. If you plan to dive mainly in colder waters below 10C then we would recommend the Apeks XTX range which has been specifically designed for more extreme cold water diving. Flight comes into its own and excels as the perfect travel companion. As the lightest regulator in the world and the most compact regulator Apeks has ever made it is perfect for those exotic dive destinations. But using insulation techniques and advanced materials, Flight is also suitable for diving in waters as cold as 10�C. The area where a normal regulator 1st stage freezes is protected and insulated which reduces the freezing effect and this helps prevent freeflows. The insulation effect is also evident in Flight's 2nd stage.