Apeks ATX40 Regulator with Octopus & Console


£299.00 £438.00


These regulators do not come assembled from the factory, be sure to select one of our assembled options and your regulators will arrive dive ready having been assembled by an apeks technician.

Apeks DS4 first stage

Apeks ATX40 Second Stage and Octopus

Rubber hoses Included

Choice of console options all with rubber High Pressure Hoses 

 You are not worthy! This reg (well maybe not this actual one - but maybe it's siblings, parents or grandparents) has been places in the diving world that most of us can only dream about. In regulator terms we are talking "Veni, vidi, vici," - As Julius Cesear would say - "been there, seen it, dived it!"

For the Instructor deal price we will need to get a copy of your instructor card and register you with Apeks. This is all a fairly quick process - just email us at fourthelement@hotmail.com and we can sort all of this out for you.