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he Aqua Lung Argonaut Titanium Spartan Tip Diving Knife, Forged of a single piece of 4mm-thick titanium, the Argonaut is a high-end tactical tool for performing the toughest work with elegance and ease.

Designed in conjunction with the world's premiere maritime commandos, the handle is wrapped in paracord for grip, which can be easily removed to reveal hex wrenches for use in emergency situations.

Strong, Single-Piece Design:

The butt, handle, hilt, and blade are all fashioned out of a single piece of titanium for incredibly sharp edges and minimal rust.


Titanium is coated in black EDP for longevity in saltwater.

Non-Slip Grip:

The handle is double-wrapped in paracord for grip, leaving a spot for your forefinger to hook below the hilt.

Multi-Function Handle:

The handle features skeleton holes that serve as hex wrenches for use in emergency situations. The butt has a sharp tool for hammering or breaking open hard objects.

Balanced Length:

Blade and handle are each 4 ⅞” (12.4cm).

Blade Options:

Choose from the Spartan or Blunt blade styles. Both have a smooth, finely sharpened edge on one side and rounded serrations on the other to prevent snags on rope or mono-filament.

Sheath and Mounting Components Included:

wo-millimeter-thick locking sheath made of highly durable Kydex and thermoformed around the knife for a perfect fit. Includes 2” (5cm) belt loop and BCD mounting hardware.


  • Blade and Handle are made of 4mm thick, high rust resistant Titanium.
  • The handle is double wrapped in 5mm paracord.
  • The blade comes in 2 styles, Spartan and Blunt.
  • The blade is 4 7/8” (12.38cm) long and the handle is 4 7/8” (12.38cm)
  • The butt of the handle comes to a point for hammering, braking and crushing.
  • The sheath is a locking 2mm thick Kydex with 1/8” grommets. The strap holes are 1” (2.5cm) long and 1/4” (.65cm) wide.
  • Comes with 2 rubber leg straps.