Aqualung Thermal Fusion Undersuit 2XS/XS

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The Thermal Fusion is a high performance diving undergarment, which maximises warmth and provides unrivalled flexibility and fit.

Thermal Core Technology is a unique, dual layer design, that allows the diver an unlimited range of motion with a streamlined fit.

The first layer, a comfort cut thermal core constructed of Polartec 200 fleece, delivers superior warmth. The second, outer layer, is a Polartec Power Stretch Pro compression skin which streamlines the inner core to the divers body, provides a custom fit, and allows maximum range of motion.

Thermal Core Technology is at the heart of the Fusion concept, resulting in an undergarment that is unmatched in flexibility, fit and warmth.

Thermal Fusion is recommended for use with all dry suits and perfectly complements the Apeks Fusion KVR1 dry suit.