Aqualung Pearl i3 BCD - Size Large

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Pearl i3 BCD - New stock, 

Aqualung Pearl i3 BCD featuring the innovative Aqualung i3 (patent pending) inflation mechanism providing an infinitely more controllable method of inflating and deflating your BCD to help refine your buoyancy control.

The positioning and intuitive nature of the inflate/deflate mechanism eliminates the need for fishing around to find your inflate/deflate hose.

The simple lever positioned around hip level ensures it's always to hand and quickly responds to your buoyancy needs. Simply push the lever up - to go up and push the lever down - to go down.

The superb design, shape and features of the Aqualung Pearl i3 BCD is yet another example of how well Aqualung have catered for the female diving market.

This really is a fantastic ladies BCD, extremely comfortable, with proven innovation that is gaining more recognition from various training organisations - the i3 inflation system is here to stay.