Aqualung Aqualux Torch 1500

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Aqualung Aqualux 1500

  • AQUALUX torches feature top-quality CREE™ LED’s
  • Double Optical Group. The optical group consists of two pieces: a metallic parabola plus a technopolymer lens that work together for exceptional performance. The parabola has a 40mm diameter and the lens has a 22mm diameter, making the AQUALUX series one of the most powerful diving torch collections in the market.
  • Zoom Adjustment System. The zoom adjustment guarantees the best quality spotlight by concentrating the light in the center of the beam.
  • Durable Electronics Assembly. The main chipboard is solidly assembled to guarantee the reliability and durability of all the electronics.
  • Led power: 300 lumen
  • Proprietary Mechanical Construction. The proprietary aluminum construction makes every AQUALUX torch reliable and robust for heavy duty use, while also easy inspect and maintain,
  • Lenght: 21.5cm
  • Head diameter: 5cm
  • Head body: 3.3cm