Apeks XTX50 DS4 Plus XTX40 Octo DIN Includes Hoses DS4 First Stage

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Another great breath at an exceptional price, comes complete with hoses

XTX50 Stage 3 Set with XTX40 Octo and DS4 First Stage

The Apeks DS4 XTX50 regulator is the bench mark in terms of reliability and durability and will often be seen on dive boats around the country. The DS4 first stage is the twinset set regulator of choice but provides excellent hose routing on single cylinders and stage bottles for divers who do not require a swiveling turret. The DS4 first stage is compact but delivers large volumes of gas when you need it most.

As an member of the XTX family the XTX50 second stage builds on the reputation of the ATX range. Improvements include diver changeable exhaust tee's, reversible venturi control, diver adjustable breathing resistance and the ability to change the second stage from right to left handed to suit a range of hose configurations.