Apeks XTX40 With XTX40 Octo Includes Braided Hoses and DS4 first stage

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£399.00 £499.00


This XTX set is ideal for the first time diver. A high quality breath at an exceptional price. Comes complete with Flexi Hoses for the Primary and Secondary Regulator. 

The Apeks DS4 XTX40 regulator is the standard when it comes to robustness and reliability in a UK regulator. The DS4 first stage is the twinset set regulator of choice but provides excellent hose routing on single cylinders and stage bottles. The DS4 first stage is compact but delivers large volumes of gas when you need it most.

The XTX40 second stage is a lightweight and compact, making the regulator comfortable in use whilst also being an excellent breathe. As a member of the XTX family the XTX40 has user interchangeable exhaust tee's, reversible venturi control and the ability to have the hose coming from the right or left hand side of the regulator.