Apeks XTX40 Nitrox Regulator

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Apeks Nitrox regulators are suitable for use with up to 100% O2 and are colour-coded for easy identification.

The regulators have been specially cleaned and assembled in our purpose built class 'J' (10,000) Clean Room using oxygen safe components and lubricants and are available in yoke ('A') clamp or DIN fitting.

Although the XTX40 is a mid-range Apeks regulator, it is still classed as a high performance regulator in independent reviews. The XTX40 comes with all the features of our highly successful XTX50 with the exception of diver adjustable breathing resistance control. Please note all Apeks Nitrox regulators come directly from the factory with the M26 fitting as standard to comply with EU regulations. If you need a different fitting please call.