Apeks XTX200 Regulator DIN 300 includes regulator hose - IN STOCK


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The XTX 200 is the flagship of the Apeks regulator range. A cold water rated, fully balanced primary regulator with environmental seal. The FSR first stage uses a balanced diaphragm design for high performance and air flow at any depth and cylinder pressure. Air is supplied via four low pressure and two high pressure ports configured in easy hose routing positions. Cold water protection is provided by using a dry environmental seal to prevent ice crystal forming on the main spring and critical components that could lead to a free flow. The seal also provides contamination and chemical damage protection for soft material parts such as o-rings and the diaphragm. The XTX 200 second stage features an inlet heat exchanger combined with a full metal valve body to improved cold dissipation. Venturi control is provided via a lever on the side of the housing to control air flow within the second stage. Inhalation resistance can also be adjusted by using the external control knob to increase the resistance required to open the valve if needed by the diver. The first and second stages are joined by a braided black low pressure hose. Braided hoses provide extra protection and safety by increasing UV resistance and significantly increasing the burst pressure of the hose compared to traditional rubber hoses.

2012 model