Apeks XTX200 Plus XTX40 regulator Set DIN 300 includes hoses


£435.00 £608.00


Regulator comes fully assembled and complete with flexi regulator and octopus hoses. 

The XTX 200 with XTX 40 octopus regulator set incorporates the top of the line XTX 200 second stage combined with a very reliable XTX 40 octopus. The FSR first stage is a high performance diaphragm design with environmental seal for improved coldwater performance and reliability. This balanced first stage provides four low pressure ports and two high pressure ports at pre-orientated angles for optimal hose routing. The XTX additionally has a reversible design allowing a trained technician to swap the hose handing and interchangeable exhaust deflectors which are switchable between a compact deflector or a wide deflector. The XTX 40 uses the same basic components without some of the extras to reduce the overall cost. The second stage still features a venturi control, diaphragm deflector, reversible housing and anti-bacterial mouthpiece.

For Instructor Deals we need a copy of your qualification card sending in.