Alu Trio Dive Torch 780 Lumens

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Designed in compliance with the international quality standards, provides high performance combined with a unique and innovative design with an unmistakable Italian style. The quality of light is only obtainable with more powerful generation LEDs available on the market. Custom made lenses for Aqua Lung to obtain a perfectly calibrated and uniform beam, without streaks.

The anodized aluminium body is made from extruded bar; It offers excellent resistance to abrasion. An important margin of safety is offered by the maximum depth of operation of 300 m.

Camping details

Light source: 3 LED Cree XL-M 260 lumens each (total 780 lumens)
Magnetic switch to scorrimentoautobloccante which can be operated with one hand
Power: 4 "C" batteries
Pressure relief valve
Fits easily into the pockets of G.A.V.
Weight in water (with 4 batteries): 166 g
Weight in air (with 4 batteries): 516 g
Maximum operating depth 300 m

DIMENSIONS: 185 X 78 X 36 MM.