Apeks Surelock Pockets


£97.75 £115.00
Surelock POCKETS / black


This is pockets only - attachment panels are separate

SureLock™ Weight System
This popular accessory is ideal when it becomes necessary to add additional weight to your rig.

  • Bolts directly to the WTX Harness
  • Able to mount to the back plate with use of SureLock™ attachments (below)
  • Includes necessary attachment hardware plus spares.
  • 2” stainless adjustable D-rings on the outside of each pocket.
  • Features the SureLock™ (patent pending) mechanical weight release buckles. Prevents weights from releasing until you want them to.
  • Each pocket holds up to 10 lbs (4.5kg) of lead.
  • Includes attachment grommets to mount your choice of Deep See knives.


0.38kg each pocket.