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Size:  XL/XXL



Apeks Black Ice BCD

The Apeks Black Ice is a rugged, weight-integrated, back inflation BC designed with the advanced diver in mind. It crosses over nicely to many technical, military and public safety applications. Despite its heavy duty construction, it provides amazing comfort, fit and stability thanks to its Wrapture Harness System.

  • Wrapture Harness System (pat. pend.) –
  • SureLock II Mechanical Weight Release System (patented
  • Dual channel weight pockets in front along with non-ditchable weight pockets in back
  • Can be rigged for twin cylinders using the optional twin cylinder kit.
  • The air cell has several pass-throughs that allow easy air transfer from left to right.
  • 4 dump valves in all, one in each corner. 3 are proprietary flat valves are very streamlined and effective. The dump valve on the upper left is the rapid exhaust valve found at the top of the Powerline inflator.
  • The Powerline inflator assembly boasts one of the fastest inflation rates in the industry.
  • Has integrated clips to keep the LP inflator hose tucked in securely.
  • The adjustable chest strap can be raised or lowered. This not only ensures a good fit but also keeps the strap from running across top of a drysuit valve.
  • A dual bladder retraction system is used to pull in the sides of the bladder during deflation. This keeps unit streamlined and reduces drag.
  • The air cell is constructed of rugged 840 denier nylon.
  • The left pocket is a fold down design with deep capacity, perfect for an extra mask.
  • Excludes Knife and inflation hose at this discounted price.