AQUALUNG Full Face Snorkeling Mask

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£25.00 £55.00


Full Face Snorkeling Masks are the ideal combination of diving mask and snorkel combined in one product.

They are designed for comfort-oriented swimmers, who like to watch the underwater world from above without the need to be diving deeper.

The Aquatics FFM system allows for almost the same breathing in the water as on the ground and offers a short habituation phase as well as a problem-free handling with optimal comfort.

The Aquatics FFM is the ideal companion for snorkel holidays and is also safe in case of missions in the pool by a break-proof polycarbonate disc.

  • Shatter-resistant polycarbonate lens
  • Silicone mask body provides good density properties and excellent wearing comfort
  • Removable snorkel for better transport
  • Snorkel with signal color and anatomical dry top system
  • CE Aproved
  • Viewing window with flat profile and 180° field of view for best visibility
  • Multiple diaphragm technology with front discharge valve for good breathability and easy blow-out of the system
  • Mesh carry bag included