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$209.00 $323.00

  • The Apeks Lifeline Guide 120m Reel raises the bar in expedition focused diving equipment. This British built piece of fine engineering will take you to, and bring you back, from your next adventure.

    Whatever your overhead environment, your guideline reel is one of the most important parts of your kit. The Lifeline Guide reel can be quickly configured for use left or right-handed and is simple to operate, even if you're wearing thick gloves.

    From the easy grip rubber handle to the over-sized locking screw, our reel allows you to concentrate on your dive.

    • High grip rubber handle makes the reel easy to hold with or without gloves.
    • High tensile strength and high visibility line is both extremely strong and visible in low light conditions.
    • The stainless-steel attachment point allows for secure attachment of the reel to a D-ring, BCD or pocket.
    • Ambidextrous configuration allows the reel to be used in both left and right hands at the same time as a torch.
    • Oversized locking screw is easy to operate with or without gloves.
    • Textured friction plate allows you to manually add tension to the spool when laying line.
    • 120m of high strength high visibility line.
    • Oversized locking screw.
    • Supplied in plastic free packaging.
    • Lifetime warranty.
    • Forged and anodised aluminium handle components.
    • Designed and manufactured in the UK.