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Apeks 30m Spool Green, the easiest handling spool on the market. Apeks have taken the most simple guideline device an improved the basic design to make it easier to use. The Apeks Spool is made from a single peice of aircraft grade aluminium which makes it extremely strong and resistant to corrosion. As the spool is made from aluminium is is possible to make it into a more ergonomic shape than can be done in plastics. The Apeks 30m Spool features a flared design which helps to guide line back into place while winding the spool in. The outer edges of the Apeks Spool are notched to provide extra grip while wear all type of gloves. A large diameter centre hole allows line to be paid out easily both when sending up an SMB or laying line in any situation. The Apeks Green Spool features a neat 'line leader' which is more resistant to abriasion than the main line, ideal for making tie offs.