MTX-R Single Cylinder Tech Set Deal

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£799.00 £1,050.00



The MTX-R SINGLE CYLINDER LONG HOSE regulator set from APEKS - OWN your environment!


1 x MTX-R First Stage with 5th port fitted

2 x MTX-R Second Stages

1 x 2.1m long rubber hose

1 x 74cm short rubber hose

1 x bungee connector kit

1 x Apeks tek gauge

1 x 800mm Apeks HP Hose

1 x Apeks Tek Regulator Bag

Featuring the same freeze-resistant technology enjoyed by the whole MTX-R range,  the MTX-R RAISES the game, and resists freeflows in even the coldest dive.

While offering the user the flexibility to dial it up for a comfortable breathe in less extreme environments. 

This is the long hose set, designed for the diver that prefers a long hose configuration on a single cylinder.

It is also the perfect set-up for the recreational diver looking to transition into twinset diving in the future, as the addition of another first stage creates a twinset regulator configuration.