Aqua Lung Legend lx Supreme regulator - Full Set with Legend Octo


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Full Set complete with Legend Octopus
Aqualung Legend LX Supreme regulator in.
Set is in 300 bar DIN

The new line of Legend regulators crafts the future with innovative innovation and sleek cosmetic charm. The brand-new Legends are smaller sized and lighter producing a more comfortable dive. Whether you are jet setting to an exotic place or scuba diving your local place, the Folklore will provide you the confidence to dive like an expert and look like a rock superstar.

If you wish the exact same high performance features and ease of breathing as the Legend LUX yet without the pink gold finish, you will find it with the Legend LX. Like the Legend LUX, the Folklore LX features the Master Breathing Unit (MBS).

  • The MBS is a new, basic and effective method to adjust the breathing efficiency of your Folklore LX. The MBS regulates two functions at one time. It manages the direction of air, which modifies the venturi effect, as well as changes the opening initiative. One control-- two features, it doesn't get simpler.