Apeks XTX 50 DST regulator DIN 300 with 5th Port Option includes hoses


£395.00 £490.00


 The new XTX 50 combines exemplary performance at low maintenance costs for the most demanding divers during the dive recreational or technical diving. The first stage, balanced membrane, is solid and compact, is equipped with a rotating turret which allows for easier placement of the hoses and an extraordinary ergonomics in immersion. It is characterized by the intermediate pressure-pressure effect, which allows you to maintain respiratory effort whatever the depth reached. The XTX-50 is equipped with the Chamber to Secca and is particularly suitable for diving in cold or polluted waters. The second stage of XTX 50, polymer, is pneumatically balanced and provides for both adjustments, and Venturi Effect of initial inspiratory effort. Quest-final, as provided in the XTX second stages, is split into two parts: pre-and fine adjustment by immersion. Thanks to its characteristics, the XTX-50 is a regulator suitable even for the most extreme diving conditions.